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The following deities were those that Rome inherited or borrowed from the Greeks - they were considered di novensides, or newcomers. In effect, per-existing, early Italian deities were assimilated with the Olympian gods of Greece, with these gods of the Roman pantheon as the result.

I should mention that the names in parentheses are the Greek versions of Roman gods and goddesses.

Apollo (Apollo) | God of the arts - poetry and music in particular.

Bacchus (Dionysos) | God of wine and mysteries.

Ceres (Demeter) | Goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Diana (Artemis) | Goddess of the hunt and protector of children.

Juno (Hera) | Goddess of marriage; consort of Jupiter.

Jupiter (Zeus) | God of the sky; ruler of the Roman pantheon.

Mars (Ares) | God of war.

Mercury (Hermes) | God of merchants; messenger of the gods.

Minerva (Athena) | Goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts.

Neptune (Poseidon) | God of the sea and earthquakes.

Venus (Aphrodite) | Goddess of love and beauty.

Vulcan (Hephaistos) | God of smiths and metal-workers .

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