Etruscan Gods and Goddesses

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This page lists a portion of the Etruscan pantheon of deities. And while the names of these gods and goddesses may be unfamiliar, even in some cases a bit comic, they represent the Etruscan version of the Greek Olympians. One of the problems that arises in the study of the Etruscans, however, is that we have yet to decipher their odd language. This does pose difficulties, both in translation and interpretation of the various divinities who populate Etruscan art; but we can come to some educated conclusions based on both context and iconography. Also, note how some of the names of the gods and goddesses are similar to their Greek and/or Roman counterparts, while others (like Fufluns…) are, well, unique. At any rate, it was via the Etruscans that the Romans came into contact with the Greek gods, and so these strange and somewhat enigmatic people deserve due mention in a discussion of Roman myth and religion.

Apulu (Apollo) | God of the arts (poetry and music in particular), archery, and divination.

Artames (Diana) | Goddess of the hunt.

Fufluns (Bacchus) | God of wine and fertility.

Menarva (Minerva) | Goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts.

Tinia (Jupiter) | God of the sky; ruler of the Etruscan pantheon.

Turan (Venus) | Goddess of love and beauty.

Turms (Mercury) | God of merchants.

Uni (Juno) | Goddess of marriage.

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