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Aphrodite and Adonis | The goddess of love was struck with desire for the handsome mortal Adonis.

Aphrodite and Ares | An illicit affair between two passionate deities - the stuff of legend, certainly.

Apollo and Daphne | Apollo’s unwanted advances compelled Daphne to beg to be delivered from him - and she was…

Ariadne and Dionysos | In this mythological love story, Dionysos rescued the forsaken Ariadne and made her his bride.

Ceyx and Alcyone | The tale of the relationship between Ceyx and Alcyone gives a mythic explanation for the so-called Halcyon Days.

Clytie and Helios | A melancholy story that describes the result of unrequited love.

Echo and Narcissus | This is a myth about a man smitten by his own reflection, and the nymph who suffered from unrequited love.

Eros and Psyche | The haunting story of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche is one of the most popular myths - it involves love, loss, and ultimately, triumph over adversity.

Helen and Paris | Together, this couple provided the Greeks and Trojans with the excuse for the infamous Trojan war.

Hero and Leander | Another mythic couple who came to a tragic end.

Hyacinthus and Apollo | The god Apollo engaged in this ill-fated conquest with the unfortunate Hyacinthus.

Odysseus and Penelope | The resourceful hero of the Odyssey met his match in Penelope, his equally clever wife.

More Lovers (including the many loves of Zeus)

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