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Actaeon | It was the misfortune of Actaeon to spy on the goddess Artemis.

Arachne | The tale of a mortal woman who challenged a goddess, and the consequences.

Callisto | Originally, Callisto was one of the companions of Artemis; but when Zeus became interested in her, that all changed.

Charon | He transported the dead in the Underworld in his boat.

Circe | Enchantress who took pleasure in turning men into animals. Circe later took pleasure in the company of the hero Odysseus.

Daedalus | A legendary artist and craftsman. Daedalus designed many clever things, including the notorious Labyrinth.

Danaids | The fifty daughters of Danaus - known as the Danaids or Danaides - suffered eternal punishment in the Underworld for their crimes.

Deucalion | During the great flood, Deucalion was instructed to build a boat and thereby escape destruction.

Endymion | Mortal lover of the goddess Selene.

Erichthonius | This son of the god Hephaistos became the King of Athens.

Eurydice | The wife of Orpheus who died tragically. Her husband tried to rescue her from the Underworld.

Ganymede | This handsome prince caught the attention of the Greek god Zeus.

Harmonia | This daughter of Aphrodite and Ares married the hero Cadmus.

Hesperides | These nymphs were the guardians of the Golden Apple tree.

Hylas | A companion of the hero Herakles who was seduced by the deadly lure of water nymphs.

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