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Free Spirits” is the term I use to describe the various Greek gods and goddesses who don’t exactly fit into another specific category. However, this does not means that these beings are any less important or interesting than, say, the Olympians.

Names in (parentheses) are the Roman versions of Greek gods.

Amphitrite | Sea goddess. Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon.

Asklepios (Asclepius) | God of healing.

Boreas | God of the north wind.

Dike (Iustitia) | Goddess of justice.

Eileithyia (Lucina) | Goddess of childbirth.

Eirene (Pax) | Goddess who personified peace.

Enyo (Bellona) | Goddess of war.

Eos (Aurora) | Goddess of the dawn.

Erebus | Personification of darkness.

Eris (Discordia) | Goddess whose name means “discord” or “strife”.

Eros (Cupid) | God of love and desire.

Eunomia | Goddess who personified discipline or good government.

Fates (Moirai in Greek, Parcae in Latin) | Goddesses who supervised fate. The poet Hesiod names them Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

Graces (Charites in Greek, Gratiae in Latin) | A trio of graceful goddesses associated with Aphrodite.

Hebe (Juventas) | Goddess who was a cup-bearer for the Olympian gods.

Helios (Sol) | God of the sun.

Hesperus (Vesper) | The evening star.

Hestia (Vesta) | Goddess of the home and hearth.

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