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Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

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Elle 04.15.12 at 12:51 pm

Though nicer, it’s totally inaccurate to call her the goddess of love- professors have kicked people out of classes for making that mistake. It might sound crude, but she’s the goddess of sex- and if that’s too offensive, “lust,” will do.

Consider The Iliad when Hera lies to Aphrodite in order to gain “… loveliness and desirability, graces with which you overwhelm mortal men, and all the immortals.” (14.197-199, Lattimore translation). Aphrodite then gave her a “zone” that contained the passions of sex (14. 214-217). It works since when Zeus sees Hera, he basically says, “hey, you look super hot, let’s go have sex.” To put it in modern terms.

Plus, she doesn’t promise Paris eternal love, she offers him the most beautiful woman in the world, which we can speculate is to satisfy his sexual urges. After he’s saved from Menelaos, he tells Helen that he never before wanted to sleep with her as badly as he does at that moment (3.441-446).

The true god of love is Eros.

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