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The Chthonic deities inhabited the realm opposite from the Olympians - the Earth or the Underworld (chthon means earth in Greek). These immortals therefore acquired a slightly more dark and shadowy aspect than their bright Olympian counterparts. Nevertheless, the following gods had their place in the Greek pantheon, for they fulfilled certain fundamental needs, including providing an explanation for what happens to mortals after death.

Erinyes (Furiae) | Also known as Furies, these were female spirits who exacted vengeance against those who committed specific crimes.

Keres | Keres were female spirits of death and destruction in ancient Greece.

Hades (Pluto) | God of the Underworld and ruler of the dead. Hades was also the husband of Persephone.

Hekate (Trivia) | Goddess of magic. An alternate spelling of her name is Hecate.

Persephone (Proserpina) | Goddess of the Underworld and wife of Hades. She is also known as Kore (”the maiden”).

Thanatos | God of death.

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