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Argus | Argus was a creature with many eyes. This monster played a prominent role in one of the myths of the goddess Hera.

Cerberus | Cerberus was traditionally the guardian of the Underworld. In myth, he was portrayed as a dog with three heads.

Charybdis | In Greek mythology, Charybdis was a deadly whirlpool personified as a female monster.

Chimera | With a body that was one third lion, one third she-goat, and one third serpent, this creature was definitely one frightening beast.

Cyclops | A Cyclops is a giant with a single eye in its forehead. The plural form of this word, incidentally, is Cyclopes.

Echidna | This monster was half beautiful woman and half deadly serpent. It is worth noting that Echidna was the mother of many mythical monsters.

Geryon | The monster known as Geryon had three heads and three bodies. He was ultimately defeated by the hero Herakles.

Gorgons | The trio of terrifying females known collectively as the Gorgons consists of the sisters Euryale, Medusa, and Stheno.

Graiae | These “old women” were the sisters of the Gorgons. The name is also spelled Graeae.

Hydra | The Hydra had a water-serpent body topped by numerous heads.

Ladon | Ladon was the legendary dragon who guarded the area where the apples of the Hesperides were hidden.

Lamia | She was a frightening bogey-woman in Greek mythology.

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