Celtic Ireland - Heroes and Heroines

Amairgen | Legendary poet and warrior who resembles the Welsh Taliesin.

Cathbadh | A druid who appears in various tales of the Ulster Cycle.

Conall Cernach | Warrior-hero of Ulster; his name suggests his status: Conall means “strong” and Cernach translates roughly as “victorious”.

Conchobar | King of Ulster; closely linked with the hero Cu Chulainn.

Conn | A High King of Ireland; known as “Conn of the Hundred Battles”.

Cu Chulainn | A hero and warrior par excellence; his name means “hound of Culann”.

Cu Roi | In the Ulster Cycle, he is a sorcerer who transforms himself into various guises.

Deirdre | A beautiful woman whose tragic tale is part of the Ulster Cycle.

Emer | The wife of Cu Chulainn.

Fedelma | Poet and prophetess in the service of Queen Medb.

Ferghus | The king of Ulster prior to Conchobar.

Finn Mac Cool | Hero of the Fionn Cycle; he was also the leader of the Fianna.

Fintan | The salmon of knowledge.

Grainne | In the Fionn Cycle, she is betrothed to Finn, but falls in love with Diarmaid.

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