King Arthur in Mythology

The legend of King Arthur is complex and fascinating. Over the years, countless scholars, writers, poets, and storytellers have contributed to a vast body of work about this extraordinary figure. All of this information about Arthur makes it difficult to write concisely about him. However, since many of us have an interest in this larger than life hero, it makes sense to summarize the major events of his story. Many versions of the legend of King Arthur include the following points:

I | Arthur was born (under somewhat magical circumstances…) the son of a king.

II | As an infant, he was taken by the mage Merlin, to grow up in seclusion from the deadly affairs surrounding the royal court.

III | When he reached maturity, Arthur proved his birthright by claiming the sword Excalibur.

IV | By uniting several of the warring factions of Britain, he consolidated his hold on the country, and rose to become High King of the island.

V | Arthur married the lovely Guinevere.

VI | The King was influential in organizing the Knights of the Round Table and their Quest for the Holy Grail.

VII | After the death of Arthur, there was a mystical promise of his return someday.

As familiar as these events are to many of us, they are merely a portion of the legend of King Arthur.

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