Celtic Britain - Heroes and Heroines

Arthur | The legendary King of the Britons.

Galahad | The son of Launcelot; due to his purity, he completed the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Gawain | A hero in Arthur’s court; he had strength that increased from morning until noon, then declined thereafter.

Guinevere (Gwenhwyfar) | The wife of Arthur.

Igraine | Mother of Arthur.

Iseult | Referred to as “la belle Iseult” (which alludes to her great beauty); she fell in in love with the hero Tristram.

Launcelot | Greatest champion among Arthur’s warriors (or knights, if you prefer the Medieval term).

Merlin (Myrddin) | Regarded as both seer and sorcerer, Merlin was involved in many of the affairs and intrigues of Arthur’s court.

Morgan le Fay | According to the Medieval version of the legend, Morgan was a cunning woman who practiced sorcery.

Tristram | Hero and warrior who was involved in an ill-fated love affair with Iseult.

Uther Pendragon | King of the Britons prior to Arthur’s reign.

Viviane | She was the Lady of the Lake (also known as Nimue or Niniane); her relationship with Merlin was the stuff of legend.

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