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Home | Books | Fiction | Book Review - The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye
Once upon a time…
These words are a familiar beginning to those of us who enjoy reading - or hearing - a good, old fashioned fairy tale. I mention this, because a couple of the tales in the collection called The Djinn [...]

Get Thee to a Library!

by Erin on January 17, 2012

Are you looking for a couple of mythology book recommendations? Well then today, I have some suggestions just for you. After all, reading and writing about myth is what I do here at Mythography.
Bulfinch’s Mythology is an old school retelling of some of the main stories of Western myth. In all honesty, I feel that [...]

Graces in The Diamond Age

by Erin on January 12, 2012

Recently, I reread Neal Stephenson’s book The Diamond Age. Again. It’s a contemporary work of fiction first published in 1995. So we aren’t talking about something written long ago and far away here.
There are a few references to mythology strewn about the novel. I was especially struck by a passage that involved an identification of [...]

Book Review - The Aeneid

by Erin on December 29, 2011

The Roman poet Virgil may have been inspired by the epics of Homer when he wrote his famous masterpiece called The Aeneid, but he also contributed greatly to Latin literature with his fictionalized version of Roman history. For, although quite mythological in nature, Virgil’s intriguing epic succeeds on its own merits.
The Aeneid is in essence [...]

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Book Review - The Odyssey

by Erin on December 28, 2011

Homer’s Odyssey is quite possibly one of the most important works of Western literature - and certainly one of the shining examples of Greek literature. It is an epic poem that tells the tale of the Greek hero Odysseus and his long journey home after the fall of Troy.
Along the way, our stalwart hero encounters [...]

Book Review - The Iliad

by Erin on December 27, 2011

Homer’s Iliad is one of the most compelling epics ever composed. The work is filled with tales of individual heroism, hubris (excessive pride), and haunting lyricism. It is both beautiful and tragic, and contains what are perhaps the finest examples of the ideals of the ancient Greeks.
The story depicted in the Iliad is ostensibly about [...]

Book Review - Theogony, Works and Days, Shield

by Erin on December 14, 2011

The book Hesiod: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield features absolutely stunning translations, by Apostolos N. Athanassakis, of the collected works of the influential ancient Greek poet Hesiod. And in addition to the full text of the three separate poems, there are also several other features that make this book an essential reference in any library.
The [...]

Home | Books | Reference | Book Review – The Oxford Classical Dictionary
If I could have only one book in my personal reference library for mythology, it would be the The Oxford Classical Dictionary. It’s just that good. This book is often called the OCD colloquially, by the way. Edited by N.G.L. Hammond and H.H. [...]

Book Review - Art and Myth in Ancient Greece

by Erin on December 6, 2011

Home | Books | Art | Book Review - Art and Myth in Ancient Greece
When I was in college, the book Art and Myth in Ancient Greece was considered essential reading for anyone who wanted to understand the sometimes complicated relationship between Greek mythology and art. And reading the book has been a worthwhile investment [...]

Book Review – The Metamorphoses of Ovid

by Erin on December 1, 2011

Home | Books | Classics | Book Review - The Metamorphoses of Ovid
Today, I’d like to talk about a rather large tome that takes up a considerable amount of space on my book shelves. This big, beautiful book is The Metamorphoses of Ovid A New Verse Translation by Allen Mandelbaum (even the title is large). [...]

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