Some Ancient Roman Poets & Mythographers

by Erin on March 6, 2012

Yesterday, I featured a list of what I am referring to as some of my favorite ancient Greek poets and mythographers (I so rarely have the opportunity to use the word mythographer, despite the name of this site). So today, it only seems fair that I offer a selection of Roman writers.

Apuleius | This author wrote the Golden Ass (also known as the Metamorphoses), which is an intriguing account of ancient mystery religion and myth.

Catullus | Catullus created beautiful lyric poems that often were inspired by love.

Horace | The Odes of this Latin poet are especially admired.

Ovid | Ovid is the poet who wrote the brilliant Metamorphoses, which is a charming and delightful collection of mythological stories.

Propertius | This poet is remembered for his elegies.

Virgil | Virgil (also spelled Vergil) is the author of the Aeneid (a vast poem of Roman mythological “history”, inspired in part by Homer’s much earlier works).

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