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Roman Myth

Roman Mythology

by Erin on January 5, 2009

Although the ancient Romans were inspired by the mythology of their neighbors, the Greeks, they also had their own myths and traditions. The tale of the founding of Rome by Romulus, as well as the stories of heroism and duty to the city (such as that of the Horatii, or of the brave Cloelia), are all part of Roman legend. However, Roman myths tend to have a slightly different focus than Greek myths, for many Roman tales seem to have a more historical flavor. To be sure, the legends of Greece were often regarded as having some basis in reality (for example, the Trojan War as a real historical event), but they are somehow more endowed with lyricism, the innate imagination of the poet than the somewhat pragmatic tales of the Romans. That being noted, we invite you to read about the Roman myths, and come to your own conclusions about these compelling stories of heroes and gods.

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