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Greek Myth

Let me tell you, I’ve read a few stories about Dionysus in my time. And I’ve noticed that this important Greek god has inspired ancient writers in a myriad of ways, from poetry to plays. Dionysus appears, for example, in a comic guise in The Frogs of Aristophanes, which contrasts with the more dramatic depiction [...]

The Love Triangle in Greek Mythology

by Erin on August 22, 2012

Ah, the love triangle. Three definitely is not good company when it comes to romantic relationships. It seems this story is as old as, well, storytelling itself. Long before Bella (and Edward and Jacob), the tangled trio was already a time-honored feature in literature, poetry, and drama.
The ancient Greeks had their fair share of [...]

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We often think wistfully of some far off time, a Golden Age, an era when things were in harmony and prosperity was the order of the day. This nostalgic desire for a bygone time is most definitely not something new. Even the ancient Greek poets, creating works a couple of thousand years ago, looked back [...]

Today I want to share a story about an encounter between a hero and a Centaur. The hero in this tale is Herakles - or Hercules - who is famous in Greek mythology for his strength and his twelve legendary labors. The Centaur is named Nessus. He is perhaps not quite as well known as [...]


Mything Words - Procrustean

by Erin on May 16, 2012

Have you ever heard the phrase “a Procrustean bed”? According to the definition in my trusty Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, it is “a scheme or pattern into which someone or something is arbitrarily forced.” This phrase was inspired by the legend of Procrustes.
Procrustes is a character from Greek mythology. The story goes that the old [...]

Mythology - Iynx

by Erin on May 12, 2012

Iynx was a legendary nymph who played a small but nonetheless intriguing role in Greek mythology. According to ancient sources, she was the daughter of either Peitho or Echo.
There are two main versions of her story. The first is that she tried to make Zeus (the notoriously amorous ruler of the Greek gods) fall in [...]

I like to refer to Centaurs as a type of hybrid creature, in that they are half man, half horse. Indeed, typically Centaurs are depicted in both myth and art as having the torso of a man combined with the hindquarters of a horse.
Stories from Greek mythology reveal that Centaurs were not terribly civilized. For [...]

Hymn to Hestia

by Erin on May 6, 2012

Homeric Hymn to Hestia

“Hestia, you who tend the sacred dwelling
of the far-shooting lord, Apollo, at holy Pytho,
from your tresses flowing oil ever drips down.
Come to this house! Come in gentle spirit
with resourceful Zeus and grant grace to my song!”

Mythology – Symbols of Hermes

by Erin on May 4, 2012

The symbols of Hermes are perhaps the most distinctive of all the Olympians. Indeed, the messenger god has a set of attributes that identify him in both mythology and art. He is often depicted wearing a hat and boots, and carrying a staff.
Incidentally, my usual caveat applies - this list of the symbols of Hermes [...]

Poetic Descriptions from Homer

by Erin on May 3, 2012

Ah, the Iliad and the Odyssey. If you’ve ever read either - or even both - of these masterpieces of ancient Greek literature, you will probably remember the poetic language Homer uses to describe the various characters, both human and divine, in his stories. These descriptions are sometimes called epithets, and what follows are some [...]

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