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Art - Pandora by Rossetti

by Erin on May 9, 2012

Today, let’s take a look at the painting Pandora by Nineteenth century artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Before I begin with the work of art, I’d like to offer some background about the intriguing mythological character who is the subject of Rossetti’s image. Read on to learn a bit more about Pandora.
Pandora plays an intriguing role [...]

The story of Perseus and Andromeda has captured the imaginations of artists for centuries. This legend is one of the many myths created by the ancient Greeks, and it is a favorite tale in Classical mythology. And the reason this tale is so seductive is not surprising, for it includes such thrilling themes as adventure, [...]

Art - Peplos Kore

by Erin on April 30, 2012

The word kore means maiden in Greek, and it is used to refer to a statue of a female figure. A beautiful example of such a work is the Peplos Kore from the Athenian Acropolis. Scholars have suggested that the purpose of statues such as the Peplos Kore and other korai (the plural form of [...]

Art - Neptune’s Horses by Crane

by Erin on April 26, 2012

Yesterday, I explored some of the symbols of Poseidon here at Mythography. This got me thinking about one of my favorite images of the Greek god. It’s a painting by Nineteenth century artist Walter Crane called Neptune’s Horses. In case you are wondering, “Wait, what does this have to do with Poseidon?”, let me assure [...]

In the painting Electra at the Tomb of Agamemnon, Victorian artist Frederic Leighton uses what can be considered one of his artistic signatures - an image in which a solitary female figure is the focus. In addition, this poignant work also reveals that Leighton was a master of not only depicting Classical subjects, but also [...]

Art - Pallas Athene by Klimt

by Erin on April 18, 2012

Today, I’d like to take a look at an image by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. This painting is called Pallas Athene, and is a late Nineteenth century interpretation of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
Athene - or Athena - faces the viewer, staring at the spectator with piercing grey eyes. Her expression is [...]

Art - Helen of Troy by Rossetti

by Erin on April 15, 2012

The subject for the painting Helen of Troy was taken from Classical mythology. According to legend, Helen was considered the most beautiful mortal woman. Although she was married to Menelaus, the cunning Paris (with the assistance of the goddess Aphrodite) convinced Helen to leave her husband and run away with him to Troy. This act [...]

Art - Nausicaa by Leighton

by Erin on April 11, 2012

In this beautiful but somber painting, artist Frederic Leighton has depicted the Greek heroine Nausicaa. The story of Nausicaa appears in the Odyssey of Homer. In this epic poem, Nausicaa and Odysseus (the hero of the tale) meet and have a brief but memorable encounter. And it is made clear in the tale that the [...]

Art - Venus Verticordia by Rossetti

by Erin on April 6, 2012

In this haunting and seductive painting, artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti has depicted his version of Venus (the Roman goddess of love). The model for this painting was the auburn-haired ’stunner’ Alexa Wilding.
The beauty of Venus is complemented by a luxurious profusion of flowers - roses are in full bloom on both sides of the goddess, [...]

This beautiful black figure vase painting by the Amasis Painter depicts Dionysos with a pair of attendant maenads. The image appears on a type of vessel that the ancient Greeks called an amphora. Amphorae (the plural form of the word amphora) were used to store such treasures as wine and oil.
The body of the vase [...]

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