Ancient Celtic Festivals

by Erin on April 12, 2012

Please note that these versions of Celtic festivals were celebrated in primarily in Ireland. In addition, there are many variations on the spellings of the following names.

Beltane | Beltane is a festival that took place on May 1st. It is associated with fertility, and participants traditionally danced around fires.

Imbolc | The Celtic festival of Imbolc was held on the first day of February. One interpretation is that is possibly meant to encourage an end to winter.

Lughnasadh | Lughnasadh is a festival celebrated August 1st. It was held in honor of both the sun god Lugh and the harvest.

Samhain | Samhain is a festival traditionally held on November 1st. It marks the Celtic new year, and indicates a time when the Otherworld was accessible.

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