A Love Story

by Erin on February 2, 2012

Today, I am going to ask a question that seems simple on the surface, but may be more difficult to answer. And my question is : what’s your favorite love story from mythology, legend, or even fairy tales?

Since I originally posed the question, I suppose it’s fair that I should be able to answer it as well. I’ll admit, I am at best sappy and sentimental, and still appreciate silly fairy tale, happily ever after endings. So I’d have to say that in general, those stories appeal to me. However, Classical mythology really doesn’t have all that many examples of couples sailing off blithely into the sunset - together that is. So instead, the moments I tend to recall most fondly from myth are when things went well. Here are some of my favorite examples of those mything moments.

Anchises seeing the goddess Aphrodite, revealed in all of her divine splendor, and reacting with a mixture of awe, lust, and fear. The scene from the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite captures that initial moment of love and desire so eloquently that it’s one that I remember and cherish.

Hector and Andromache in the Iliad. Now, anyone who has read the Iliad already knows that things did not end well for Hector. However there is one beautiful passage in the epic in which he and his wife are reunited temporarily, amidst the chaos of combat.

The ancient Roman poet Ovid features many joyful moments in his Metamorphoses.

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